Setting a fixed discounted price

Setting a fixed discount to your products based on quantities is easy. You just need to make sure that the corresponding word settings are also properly set to avoid confusion. Follow the easy steps below to learn how:

Step1. Launch the Quantity Breaks app and and click Create Offer on the Dashboard.

Step2. Set the minimum quantity in the Min Qty field. in this example, let's put in 5.

Step3. Click the drop-down arrow on discount and choose USD each and enter the fixed amount that you prefer for the product.

Step4. Choose the product(s) where you want the discount to apply.

 Step5. Click Save Settings.

Step6. Click Settings.

Step7. Scroll down to the Word Settings section and make sure the Discount Text corresponds to the fixed price type of discount.

Your test store will now display the fixed amount in the discount table with the correct discount text.


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