Creating an Offer

This article will show you how to create offers for bundles in your online store. These offers will encourage customers more to buy in bundles since they will get huge discounts. Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step1. In the Product Bundles App page, enter the quantity and the product that you want to create for the bundle. In this example, we are entering 1 Cool Kicks shoes.

Step2. Click + Add another product to add another product to the bundle.

Step3. Enter the quantity and the product that you want to add to the bundle. Repeat this step as many times as you want to add products. In this example, we are adding 2 Plain Snapback Cap  and 2 Example T-shirts into the bundle.

Step4. Scroll down to the Set Pricing/ Discount and choose the type of pricing discount you want to set and the price. The options are:

  • Fixed amount
  • Fixed amount  off
  • % Off

Note: In this example, we choose Fixed amount and the price is 200.

Step5. Click Save Offer.

The offer will then appear when you go to the product page.

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