Why doesn't the Upsell message match the discount type I have set in the second tier of an offer?

This is because there is only one Upsell message that you can set for each offer, regardless of the number of tiers that you create for the offer. This message will follow its format based on the first tier's values since it will be the priority. This means that if you have set more than one tier in a single offer, the Upsell message for that offer will be shown across all tiers, but using the values of the first tier of discount created. 

Let's take a look at the image below as an example. There are two tiers for a discount offer on the Nice and Hip shoes. Both tiers have different discount types, one is a $95-dollar each discount for a 10-piece purchase and one is a 5-dollar-off each discount for a 5-piece purchase.

Take note of the Upsell message that has been set for this 2-tiered offer.

Note: The values inside the brackets correspond to the quantity and the discount that has been set for the offer.

Let us now look at the cart page on the customers' end. As soon as the customer adds the qualified product to his cart, the Upsell message shows based on the values of the first tier, regardless of the discount type the customer will be qualified for.

However, there is no need to worry about the mismatch. As soon as the required quantity that has been set on the second tier and beyond is met, the discount will be applied accordingly even though the Upsell message shows the values of the first tier. 

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