Creating and Editing Messages for your online store

Creating messages for your online store makes it more encouraging for customers to purchase your products. You can create and edit a Success message when the customer successfully meets the minimum quantity for the offer and he sees the huge discount he can avail. There is also an Upsell message that would encourage customers to think about a good deal from your products and eventually place an order. 

This article will show step by step instructions on how to create or edit messages using the Quantity Breaks app.

Step1. In the Dashboard, click the Edit button on the offer that you want to create a message to.

Step2. Scroll down and enter a Success Msg in the field provided. In this example, we enter "You've made a great deal!"

Step3. In the Upsell Msg field, enter a message that will encourage customers to purchase your product in bulk. In this example, we use "For {{minimum}} pieces, you get {{discount}} off on each!". 

Note: The words inside the brackets are pre-configured based on the Quantity Break offer that has been set in the Offers page.

Step4. Click Update Offer.

Here's a quick demo:

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