Changing language settings

Language is important. These are the terminologies that customers can see up front on your online store so you need to make sure that they can easily understand what is being shown on the screen and what the terms mean. To set or change languages on your online store,  follow the steps below:

Step1.Open the app and then click on Settings on the upper portion of the page.

Step2. Scroll down to the Word Settings section.

Step3. In the Plus Sign field, change the symbol to something that you think would be easier for the customer to identify. In this example, we changed the + symbol into ...and above.  

Step4. In the Discount Off Text field, enter a terminology for the discount. In this example, we change it to less.

Step5. In the Product Page Msg field, enter the message or short note that you want to appear on the product page. I this example, we change the message to Avail of big savings!

Step6. In the Min Qty Text field, enter the term that you want for the minimum quantity. In this example, we change it to At least.

Step7. In the Discount Text field, change the word for the discount. In this example, we use Savings.

Step8. Click Save Settings.

Your new settings will now show on the product page.

Here's a quick demo:

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