How to Test the Quantity Breaks offer

After creating the offer for Quantity Breaks, it is not enough to save the settings. You need to do a test to make sure all your settings have been applied and the app works as you expect it to.

This article is going to show step by step instructions on how to test the offer you have set up.

Step1. Click the Go to product link.

You will then be redirected to the page of the product that you have set up with the quantity break offer.

Step2. Verify if the minimum quantity and the discount that you have set up are showing.

Step3. Click the ADD TO CART button.

You will now be redirected to the cart page.

Step4. Click the drop-down arrows under Quantity and set it to the minimum quantity you have pre-configured for the offer. In this example, we set it to 5. This means that the customer gets a USD 5$ off to each item he will purchase as long as his purchase will not be less than 5 items in a single transaction.

The total amount of your purchase should now change and the discount should be applied. This is an indication that you have successfully set up the offer using the Quantity Breaks app. Congratulations!

Here's a quick demo:

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