Creating an offer

Creating an offer using the Lion Quantity Breaks app is very easy. Take a look at the steps below to learn how:

Step1. On the Dashboard of the app, click Create Offer

Step2. In the Minimum Qty field, enter a value that will be the minimum number of pieces to be purchased for the customer to avail of a discount. For our example, let's put in 5.

Step3. In the Discount field, click on the drop-down menu to choose the type of discount that you prefer to offer:

  • % off each - this option gives out a percentage less for the purchase
  • USD off each - this option scratches out a specific amount for each number of items that have been purchased.
  • USD each - creates a fixed price for the item

In this example, let's choose  % off each.

Step4. Since we chose % off each, enter a value for the percentage of the discount that you want to offer for each item. Let us enter 5 in here.

We now have set a discount of 5% per item as long as the customer buys a minimum of 5 items in a single purchase. Now let's move on to which items you want the discount to apply.

Step5. In the Select Products field, search for the product that you want to offer the discount. You can enter a few characters and the field will populate all products that begin with the few characters you have entered. In this example, we choose Example T-shirt.

Note: You can also opt to set the discount per collection by searching for collections instead in the next field.

Step6. Click Save Offer.

Here's a quick demo:

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